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Together in Electric Dreams

The death of internal combustion is on the cards, and a massive change is coming in the transport industries. From haulage to motor racing, the age of the alternate powered vehicle is here. And although every industry is holding its breath for the ne...

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Under the Spotlight with Vicki Evans, Operations Director, MA Exhibitions

What was your first job in the industry? After being made redundant which was partly due to the 9/11 disaster back in 2001, I took a temporary job working in operations.  I was thrown in at the deep end on a series of food shows at the NEC at...

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The unstoppable rise of wellness

Jo Mayer, Showlite's Head of Marketing reflects on the rapidly growing wellness trend...   Like me, you've probably noticed over the last decade or so, that there has been an increase in 'body and soul' events. This has, br...

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Day in the life of a Showlite commissioned photographer

We talked to internationally acclaimed photographer David Edwards about his work for Showlite, the challenges with lighting at exhibition venues and getting to wear a hard hat and harness … When I was asked to write this blog I looked at th...

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Powering your event

Nicola Macdonald caught up with Showlite’s Electrical Operations Manager, Ross Isolda to touch on the finer points of electrics   What is it about Showlite's approach that makes it different? Exhibition electrics can be daunti...

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Under the Spotlight with Mark Griffin, CEO, ITT Hub 2020, Binswood Media

What was your first job in the industry? After a career in the transport industry, I joined ExpoManagement as an Event Manager in 1996 when it was a small start-up business. My job description was so broad it was easier to say what wasn’t in...

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